May 312016


Since January 1st, 2016, Funkwerk Security Communications has been transferred entirely to funktel GmbH. This transfer includes the business units Funkwerk Electronic Services and Funkwerk Engineering as well. All business units now work together under the common brand funktel.

All of our products, services and technologies known from FSC will be continued and developed under the funktel brand. All of your business contacts will remain unchanged. We are looking forward to our forthcoming cooperation.

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Jun 272015


The NEW DAMM BS422 is a cross-technology one-box solution offering:

  • DMR Tier III
  • TEDS
  • Analogue

Simply choose the technology to match your current need – and scale anytime to meet changing voice and data needs with a simple click.
Or you can even GO HYBRID and combine multiple technologies in one coherent system.

The DAMM BS422 solution offers:

  • Compact size, low weight and rugged outdoor base station
  • Integrated powerful controller
  • Improved redundancy
  • Input Power: PoE or external powering
  • Output Power: Standard and High Power Solution
  • Cross technology (DMR Tier III, TETRA and TEDS) allowing also hybrid usage
  • Easy integration to existing systems, such as enabling upgrade of BS421 or BS418 system with a BS422
  • Frequency ranges VHF (80M Hz and 160 MHz); UHF (400 MHz and 800 MHz)
  • Bandwidth (kHz): 6,25; 12,5; 20; 25; 50; 100; 150
  • Synchronization: 1PPS, GPS, IEEE1588 via LAN

TETRA mode:

  • VHF and UHF support
  • High power support
  • Market leading power efficiency

DMR Tier III mode:

  • First DMR Tier III outdoor base station
  • Support wide range of DMR terminals
  • Full integration into DAMM TetraFlex Software concept & IP backbone

TEDS mode:

  • Most compact TEDS outdoor base station
  • Data rate: between 11 to 538kbit/s due to frequency bandwidth
  • Real critical data communication
  • Similar spectral efficient as LTE, but far less frequency scarcity

Analogue mode:

  • Easy migration from Analogue to TETRA or even TEDS
  • Full integration into DAMM TetraFlex Software concept and IP backbone
  • Configurable bandwidth

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The BS422 Flyer is available for download from the DAMM homepage.

Jun 242015

Peiker presents new microphone for buses

TM310: new gooseneck microphone

The Peiker portfolio contains a wide range of microphones, handsets and loudspeakers, especially adjusted for deployment in buses and large vehicles.

To extend the current portfolio, Peiker developed a gooseneck microphone for the driver’s cabin in buses. The TM310 is equipped with a long life sliding switch, which allows the driver to make long announcements without having to press a PTT button over a long period of time. Great care has been taken to select a rugged microphone head and a robust, 700mm long and shape keeping gooseneck. The black design fits perfectly into almost any modern vehicle interior.

The new TM310:

  • robust metal housing
  • 70 em long gooseneck
  • durable slide switch
  • dynamic microphone capsule

All Peiker products are available through airtracer. Please send us your inquiry about this and other great Peiker products.

May 252015


DAMM Cellular Systems unveils a unique cross-technology, one-box solution offering TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analogue technologies in one integrated system.

Launch at CCW2015

With the new BS422 Outdoor Base Station enables to simply choose the technology to match the current needs – and scale anytime to meet changing voice and data demands with a simple click. Or even HYBRID operation is possible which combines multiple technologies into one coherent system.

Allan Detlefsen, CCO at DAMM states: “DAMM offers the most flexible, scalable and intelligent Critical Radio and Broadband Communication solution available – now even across technologies.”

Built on the DAMM legacy and know-how within TETRA,the new solution is expected to take mission critical communication and broadband communication to a new level.

Kjeld Pharao, CEO at DAMM: “We are very excited to be able to present the results of our latest technological investments at CCW. Full integration is key to success for our customers. Our investment in Research and Development over the last year has resulted in a new unseen solution that could potentially revolutionize the way people use critical radio and broadband communication.”

Read here the original News release about the new DAMM BS422 Outdoor Base Station.

Published by Damm Cellular System on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

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Apr 092015


DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor System has obtained EN 50121-4 certification, and will be available on request. DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor System can now be utilized in rail applications where EN 50121-4 is required, and thus strengthening DAMM’s position as a leading TETRA supplier for the rail and metro sector.

DAMM TetraFlex Outdoor for rail industry

Flemming Huusmann, Product Manager of DAMM states: “We specialize in providing rugged, high-performance equipment, perfectly suited for installing directly in the dusty and humid environments of metro tunnels or the severe environmental conditions found alongside rail tracks.”

Read here the complete Press Release.

Read more about DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Station which has obtained the EN 50121-4 certification for the rail industry.

Published by Damm Cellular System on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

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Mar 192015

Funkwerk FT4 Ex

Funkwerk adds the frequency band of 450 – 470 MHz for their FT4 TETRA Terminal. All variants of the FT4 are now available for this band, including the bespoke Intrinsically Safe FT4 Ex. The FT4 and FT4 Ex TETRA Terminals are available for shipment immediately.

Download the updated Data Sheet and the ATEX Certificate from our document download page.

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Mar 162015

The TETRA Radio FT4S Ex is Certified for Hazardous Mining IEC 60079 I M2 Ex ib I Mb


Funkwerk Security Communications GmbH

In order to satisfy increasing demands for safety and efficiency in tunneling and mining operations, radio communication has taken a key position. A reliable and cost-effective communication solution is now available in the form of the TETRA-based Funkwerk TSS Security-System, which satisfies all the special requirements in tunneling and mining operations. Its flexibility of configuration accommodates the concrete realities of work underground, while also offering voice and data transmission in parallel operation.

With this system, Funkwerk TSS offers a significant improvement in communication, safety and reliability as well as optimal  monitoring and management of personnel underground. The flexible adaptation and optimization of the system fulfill the most up-to-date safety requirements and concepts in tunneling and mining, thus increasing productivity.

Thanks to the IECEx and ATEX certification of our TETRA systems, which even conform to the Mining M2 category, the Funkwerk TSS system is now also suitable for use in tunneling and mining applications where the most stringent safety requirements apply.

Download the Funkwerk TSS Mining Brochure and more information about the Funkwerk FT4 from our document download page or contact us for more information.